Maplestory trade system removed


Zero Transcendent Skills Doubletime: The buyer of the item will have to bear this full cost, which is inclusive of a transaction fee. Part 1 available July 25 after maintenance UTC: Like before, here's how to auction something off: An issue where Discovery Glacier's voiceover would swap during the countdown will be fixed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here While minimized, you will be able to see the current analysis session time, your total damage for the session, and your total acquired EXP for the session.

Why did MapleStory remove the Maple Trading System (MTS)? Update Cancel. MapleStory: Why can't I trade or drop items or mesos? How active is MapleStory now? What is it like to play MapleStory 2? How has MapleStory changed over the last few years? How much can I sell a Lvl maple story account with m and equips?

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It should have it's damage increased based on damage dealt by party members. Instead it's damage only increases from it's own attacks. Guild skills do so little it's barely any difference being in a high leveled guild or being in a guild with a bunch of mules.

Like Guild Skills should be a tangible benefit for guildies, not just random, mediocre passives that barely do anything. I think it would be great that if the guild skills that relates to enhancing success rate of scrolling, enhances the success rate of star forcing in reboot.

PQs need to give rewards that are objectively better than other things in the slot to get people to play them more tbh. End-game is leveling up and gear, two things that PQs need to give in spades. Having one pet looting in front is actually super convenient during Commerci solo voyages and DIPQs, at least for me.

For Reboot I would like to add more mesos from higher level mobs. I don't want to be forced into a Kanna meso mule.. And on top of that, as long as there are smart people out there, there will continue to be hacks for ms.

The sudden arrival of GMS hackers to European server after merge already doubled the prices and it's not stopping, we will probably reach NX rates of 1: It is simple economics.

All your other points are ridiculous - are you a hacker? Pretty sure he's talking about EBs and their spawning being almost entirely due to hackers. In SEA the end-game community has given up complaining about hackers and just avoid them while leveling mules, dropping by to take EBs when they pop up. It's not going away anytime soon.

Especially that NX rates is only example. With them, all other prices increased by more than a factor of 2.

It's ridiculous to impose premium currency trading limitations in a game so reliant on it. The cherry blossom castle is currently inacessible without a hyper tele rock. Ever since the mushroom shrine update this area has been made inacessible on foot for some inexplicable reason. Also the ropes in gollux are still cosmetic. To get to cherry blossom castle I just searched up princess and found the npcs map to teleport to. There's allegedly a pot-able badge coming in the next edition Sengoku High, but we still need either a way to reclaim a boomed Ghost Ship Exorcist badge or a substitute for it.

For instance, you could hotkey your end-game bossing set to F9, drop-gear set to F10, and dojo set to F A whitelist item for pets. It would not only ignore items which aren't listed under it, but not even display it hackers have it already, might as well make it available to the rest of us for NX. An option to view all players who have been on a map in the past 2 minutes and report them even if they are no longer on the map. An option to use cubes automatically until a certain line s you're looking for has appeared e.

More generally, remove all ETC drops which aren't needed for currently active quests. Remove cast delays from JMS classes which persist into non-combat-related things e.

Trying to chat right after casting Kishin. Option to change a familiar's name is unneccesary. I think that part of the thrill of getting a new familiar is thinking it's name throughly. If we do get one, I would like it to be a expensive meso item. Von Leon should drop Ifia Familiar. Finishing a quest for Fabio should give you the Fabio's Firebomb familiar. Currently the game heavily discourages you from collecting familiars. Better yet, just let us be able to place individual familiars on the keyboard.

And remove the familiar despawning on channel changes. Two vastly big improvements right there. They should buff UA Explorer skills. The grind alone to get them as a non UA was tough, but the skills are weak. I actually think a whitelist would be ideal for pets, so you can include a few items you want to pick up, instead of having to exclude everything you don't want to pick up. Either that, or different check boxes for items and mesos.

That way, it'll be like in the past when you had meso pick-up and item pick-up as pet equips. When I head through maps and kill enemies going from place to place, I'm only interested in collecting the mesos, and not ending up with a bunch of irrelevant items that clog up my username.

Though really glad that Arcane River changed that. Practice mode for bosses? Changing boss entries to boss kills should give you enough practice. I was thinking this too. If you don't lose your entry until you kill, you can practice on the boss itself. That way, once you kill it, you actually get loot too.

Probably going to be an unpopular opinion but I would like to see if they could add or change character creation restrictions. In the past certain characters could only be created during time frames or with the minimum requirement of having another character at a certain level.

I would like it if they changed it up a bit. Most players would be unhappy by this but they could add the option to unlock them depending on how many hours are logged into your account is as well.

The link system could be locked until the Will of Maple quest has been completed. These are just suggestions but if this was implemented it would give players a better understanding of the overall story but they'll likely just grind for the link skill and prevent the amount of Blaze Wizard hackers since it would require them to play the story.

Story is second to gameplay in Maple, let's be perfectly honest here. And hackers would just use the next best class until they have enough hacked hours in the game, then switch to BW, so there would be no change. In the end the people that suffer the most would be legit players. I'm on the other end where I have fun completing quests lines and the lore but to each their own. Many new systems are coming online—including a way to analyze your damage output and combat effectiveness, new Hyper Stat Points to boost your stats as you gain levels past Lv.

Your favorite holiday events are returning, along with a few new ones. All this and more, in the Reboot update! Click the video for a quick preview! The new Reboot world brings MapleStory back to its roots as a hardcore RPG, offering many changes that will prove to be a new challenge.

This new system will record all of your battle statistics for up to 60 minutes at a time. Use it to formulate new strategies and find out how to really maximize your damage output and battle effectiveness. Clear Santa's Mission 20 times or more.

Clear Santa's Mission 30 times or more. A Master Santa Medal and Christmas Together Chair will be rewarded once all the helpers have reached their final form. Come back daily to complete more Santa's Missions and receive Daily Rewards from all your helpers.

December 5, , at 2: In addition to the items above, some very special players will also randomly receive one of the following special items! The account needs to have been created before the day of each Hot Day. Dec 01, v. Monsters will also drop significantly more mesos. Weapons and equipment dropped from monsters will only be relevant to your character's job.

If you receive an item that cannot be used in Reboot world, a mystery bag will be given instead. Items and Enhancement Item enhancing has been simplified. Scrolls and Bonus Potentials have been removed. Spell Traces will not stop dropping from monsters, but they will be unusable. Instead, you can sell them to the shops for mesos. The trade system has been removed.

You'll have to grind for money and equips on your own. Non-equip items and mesos can only be moved from one character to another using the the storage system. However, untradeable items cannot be stored. Cash Shop Many items have been removed from the Cash Shop and some items will instead be available for purchase with mesos. The Reboot World Cash Shop will still contain your favorite beauty parlor items and equipment covers including day versions.

In addition you can get day versions of some pets, and new items such as the Reboot Meso Sack which will award you with millions of mesos! The meso sack is limited to Lv. The Reboot Meso Sack is intended for players who reach Lv. Please see our post about this here. Slot expansions are no longer available in the Cash Shop, but will be available through in-game stores. Maple Reward Points will still be accrued and will function the same. Character Details All characters can be created except Zero.

Basic inventory slots will start off at 48 slots. Slot expansions for character, inventory, storage and pendant can be purchased with mesos through in-game shops. After creating a character, you get a snail pet and Reboot potions to help you get started. Reaching major level milestones Lv. You may obtain the box with multiple characters, but only one character on your account can open the gift box at each milestone.

Other Details Monster Life will not be available in Reboot world. Some events will not be run in Reboot world. Some event rewards in Reboot world may be different than the rewards in the regular worlds.

Characters cannot be moved into or out of Reboot world using the World Leap system. Warrior 1st Job Iron Body: Duration decreased from sec to sec. Hero 2nd Job Combo Attack: Attack Power for each Combo Count: Duration increased from sec to sec, Casting delay reduced.

Duration removed, skill can now be togged on or off. Hyper Skills Rising Rage: Paladin 2nd Job Weapon Booster: Duration increased from sec to sec. Casting delay reduced, Mastery level can go past level 30 with Combat Orders.

Invincible duration decreased from 20 sec to 10 sec. Hyper Skills Smite Shield: Smite Shield now shares diminishing return with other stun skills. Dark Knight 2nd Job Weapon Booster: Duration reduced from sec to sec. Revenge of the Evil Eye: Hyper Skills Nightshade Explosion: Magician 1st Job Magic Guard: Duration decreased from sec to sec, Casting delay reduced.

Hyper Skills Paralyze - Reinforce: Mist Eruption - Cooldown Cutter: Number of attacks increased from 6 to 9, Cooldown decreased from 90 sec to 50 sec, Casting delay reduced. Casting delay reduced, Thunder Storm movement speed increased. Elemental Adaptation Ice, Lightning: Hyper Skills Teleport Mastery - Reinforce: Chain Lighting - Reinforce: Bishop 2nd Job Heal: Cooldown increased from 0 sec to 8 sec, Cooldown decreased by 4 sec for each party member with a status cured.

Animation has been updated. Revived characters will now be invincible for 3 sec. Hyper Skills Righteously Indignant: Bowman 1st Job Archer Mastery: Ability to use this skill without consuming arrows removed.

Bowmaster 2nd Job Bow Booster: Duration increased from sec to sec, Casting delay decreased. Number of attacks increased from 4 to 6.

ATT increased from 30 to Hyper Skills Hurricane - Reinforce: Marksman 2nd Job Crossbow Booster: Hyper Skills Sniping - Limit Break: Level obtained increased from level to level Sniping - Cooltime Cutter: Level obtained decreased from level to level Thief 1st Job Haste: Night Lord 3rd Job Shadow Partner: Duration increased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced.

Hyper Skills Death Star: Cooldown increased from 8 sec to 10 sec. Shadower 2nd Job Mesoguard: Cooldown increased from 0 sec to 5 sec. Cooldown decreased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced. Hyper Skills Shadow Veil: Cooldown reduced from 90 sec to 65 sec. Buccaneer 2nd Job Dark Clarity: Can be used to cancel other attacks, Cooldown when used to cancel an attack: Cooldown decreased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced, Party members that received the effect cannot receive Time Leap's effect again for sec.

Duration decreased from sec to sec, Cooldown decreased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced. Changed to apply for each attach count. Hyper Skills Power Unity: Corsair 2nd Job Scurvy Summons: Roll of the Dice: Changed to activate on fixed damage attacks. Hyper Skills Rapid Fire - Reinforce: Dual Blade 2nd Job Channel Karma: Amount of damage increase is boosted to maximum regardless of charge time.

Duration decreased from sec to sec, Cast delay reduced. Hyper Skills Asura's Anger: Cannoneer 2nd Job Cannon Booster: Duration increased from 20 sec to 30 sec. Luck of the Die: Hyper Skills Monkey Militia - Splitter: Teleport to Ereve, Cooldown: Attack Power increases for 12 sec afterwards. If you guard successfully while in Attack Power Increase buff state, counterattack damage, attack range, and Attack Power increases gradually but the time for guarding decreases gradually.

Removes pay2win factor, because we all know RMT happens no matter what even if in-game cash currency doesn't benefit your progress. Lol yea I'm kinda curious too cuz now I don't party for bosses unless it's my friends cuz some drops aren't instanced which means randoms can ninja loot.

As others pointed out, it prevents botters from selling money or ruining the economy. It however introduces new problems like meso farming. I do not understand why trading within the account is disabled however. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Nov 06,  · Hello MapleStory players. On November 23, a patch will take place to improve the in-game trading system. As a result of these improvements, the Free Market will be removed and all Cash items used in the Free Market will stop being sold on November The details of the trade system improvements for more smooth and . MapleStory's trading system is completely changing and will no longer be in the Free Market. The end of a century is approaching. When a new decision is made for MapleStory, the process of closing Free Market areas in the game has begun. Anytime you start a sale by putting your maplestory items, and which will appear here. To cancel a sale, just click on the item and hit the "cancel" button. It should go to the transferred item window.